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How To Stop Potholes

Unsealed PCC/AC joints allow water under the PCC slabs. Heavy traffic deteriorates the PCC causing it to move and break. This movement creates further damage to the asphalt. The cracks allow water to penetrate under the damaged PCC and accelerate the disrepair. Learn How To Fix Potholes in this How We Fixed It.

After The Rains, Shoulder Cracks Keep Piling Up

After a heavy rain there are many items that need to be addressed. This crucial area of the roadway, the shoulder joints, are where repairing cracks and potholes is the toughest. You can fix this type of damage one-by-one by hand or you can get it done all at once. In this How We Fixed It Educational Series we look at how to Fix Cracks & Potholes with Edge Seal®.

Controlling Vegetation Around Guardrail

Learn about low maintenance weed control. California has many dry areas caused by lack of rain and long summers. Controlling dry vegetation and not letting it accumulate typically requires a lot of work by hand, spraying herbicides, and road closures.

Asphalt Shoulder Degradation

Learn how to avoid unsafe asphalt degradation. Our Asphalt Infrastructure is constantly subject to performance degradation due to UV oxidation. Start early with targeted and inexpensive preservation treatments that are highly UV resistant and give long term protection for the pavement.

Thin Lift Asphalt

Learn about Thin Lift Asphalt over Concrete Repairs. Asphalt overlays being put down over distressed concrete, without addressing the sub-base problem. These fixes don’t have much hope lasting in heavy traffic areas. It is our experience that a low viscosity solution is needed to provide structure from the ground up.

Longitudinal Cracking

Learn how to fix longitudinal cracks 1.5″ or smaller. Cracking parallel to the center line can be caused my many factors; poor joint construction, reflective cracking, pavement fatigue, etc. Unless fixed early, these cracks will form potholes in a few years, costing 10X more to fix than cracks.

Asphalt/Concrete Joint Failure

Learn how we fix Asphalt to Concrete Joint Failure. The areas which open up on the shoulder of the road will start hurting your travel lanes, besides being a hazard to motorcyclists. Traditional methods of potholing and crack sealing are costly, slow, and workers are exposed to traffic.