Pavement Preservation

Composite Sealants

Composite Sealants

We offer three different composite sealants; Pavement CamoSeal, Concrete CamoSeal, and EnFlex.

Pavement CamoSeal

Pavement CamoSeal

Composite crack sealant that blends into asphalt surfaces. On Caltrans' Authorized Material List.

Concrete Camoseal

Concrete CamoSeal

Crack and joint composite sealant that blends into concrete surfaces, made from 50% recycled materials.


Tire Rubber Modified Surface Sealer

TRMSS is used primarily on highways, highway shoulders, city streets, county roads and airports.

PASS Maxx Road Seals

Full Range Of High Performance Emulsions

For 20 years these formulas have achieved proven results in a wider range of pavement preservation uses.

Aqua Patch

Save Money By Eliminating Repeat Repairs

Aqua Patch is a Caltrans approved product used to permanently repair damaged asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Concrete Welder

Low Pressure Polymer Concrete Welding

Restore concrete strength for roads, bridges, slabs, parking structures, roofs and floors.

Roklin FloMix & FlexSet

Powerful Concrete & Aspalt Repair

Inexpensive alternatives to traditional pothole and concrete restoration procedures.

Edge Seal Joint Repair

The Right Solution At The Right Price!

The Edge Seal is the best solution to fix, fill and seal asphalt along the concrete edge joint.