Can you tell which side of the road is broken?


New Technology Composite Crack Sealant is Nearly Invisible on Road

Often the public may not notice a cracked road until conventional black crack sealant has been applied. Then the spider web of black lines gives rise to the observation that the road is in a state of disrepair. We understand that road aesthetics are very important to the public.

Let us show you how to make your repaired concrete (PCC) road look better using an extraordinarily durable Composite.


A New Composite Technology in Crack Sealing has Emerged!

Concrete CamoSeal

Concrete CamoSeal is a revolutionary Composite Crack Sealant that is setting a new standard for performance, longevity and PCC aesthetics. Composite Crack Sealants are 100% pure. Every component of CamoSeal has a unique purpose and for that reason, CamoSeal’s patented solution delivers some extraordinary results.

Hot-applied with existing high-production equipment

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