Edge Seal - PCC AC Joint Repair System

Value and Performance

Edge Seal is an early Preservation treatment, and a treatment for Slightly Damaged and Heavily Damaged areas all rolled into one. Instead of multiple days potholing and crack sealing, agencies can now address unsafe PCC/AC edges in one quick pass, safely. Edge Seal can be applied using readily available equipment, with no new or minimal capital investment. It’s the right solution at the right price!


Edge Seal is the best solution to fix, fill and seal asphalt along the concrete edge joint. Here are some of the primary benefits:

  • Meets current Caltrans specifications
  • Low in-place cost, No feet on ground
  • Fast: two miles-per-hour in one pass
  • Uses state-of-the-art PASS Edge emulsion with conventional equipment
  • Tough and flexible, Load-bearing
  • Safe for skid resistance
  • UV and Oxidation Resistant


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Edge Seal can be applied using conventional equipment, with no feet on the ground.  Edge Seal is FAST too – 2 miles sealed/per hour!

Edge Seal is skid-resistant,  UV and oxidation resistant, plus it’s tough and flexible. Plus it meets Caltrans specifications and makes your roadways look better.

Low cost, safer and longer lasting than the traditional methods of filling and sealing.  Extend the life of your roads.