How to Avoid Unsafe Shoulder Degradation


The Sun Damages your Pavement.

Our Asphalt Infrastructure is constantly subject to performance degradation due to UV oxidation. Start early with targeted and inexpensive preservation treatments that are highly UV resistant and give long term protection for the pavement. Asphalt shoulders can be preserved for decades using these simple techniques.

Check out the images below to see how we fixed it.



The first step in repairing light to high oxidized pavements is rejuvenation of the asphalt binder and none do a better job than PASS MAXX. After sweeping the surface area on the shoulder, apply PASS MAXX. It replaces the oils lost in oxidation, seals the pavement from water damage and protects the surface from damaging UV and oxidation. Extending the life of your roadway.


For roads and shoulders which are not in need of rejuvenation, we recommend TRMSS – Tire Rubber Modified Surface Sealer. TRMSS is a ready-to-shoot “wet-process” tire rubber modified asphalt – high quality recycled tires and asphalt are fully melded and digested together to the micro-level. This beautiful and tough tire rubber coating provides years of black color and excellent UV protection and weather resistance. TRMSS sets and cures very quickly and protects from further degradation of your roadway.


Rule of Thumb: Your on-going program should look to re-apply PASS MAXX or TRMSS every three to six plus years depending on your road and UV conditions.



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