Shoulder Backing Material

Aggregate Subbase & Shoulder Backing Materials Provide Stability

Main Street Materials access to natural resources allows us to supply a wide range of aggregate material to our customers. Subbase, or aggregate subbase (ASB), is often used as a means to provide additional stability to projects


What Is Shoulder Backing?

Shoulder Backing, as defined for State projects, is a thin course of granular material that is used to protect the outside edge of the pavement by providing support that prevents edge cracking and pavement edge loss. Shoulder Backing also minimizes drop-off heights for overlays.

Subbase is available in 3/8″ minus, 3/4″ minus, 1-1/2″ minus, and 6″minus ASB Types and Sizes.

In addition, Main Street Materials conveyor aggregate delivery truck makes it simple to bring imported materials to your job site anywhere California statewide. Need more information about our shoulder backing material solutions or want an estimate?  Contact Us today!