How to Control Vegetation Around the Guardrail

Learn about low maintenance weed control.

California has many dry areas caused by lack of rain and long summers.  Controlling dry vegetation and not letting it accumulate typically requires a lot of work by hand, spraying herbicides, and road closures.  Bottom line is it’s a lot of work…but what if it didn’t have to be?

Made from 100% recycled rubber, Weed Mats easily install under guardrails and cable barriers along roads and highways. There is no special equipment needed, expensive site preparation or soil removal.

Weed Mats eliminate the hand work needed to clear the weeds around the guardrail. In the event of an incident, they are easy to repair or to replace.

Do away with the years of hand weeding, decrease fire danger, lessen the need to spray chemicals, and reduce soil erosion with Weed Mats. Lastly, they have a 20+ year lifespan!

The images below show just how easy it is to install Weed Mats.


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