Battery Backup Systems

Traffic Battery Backup System

Our Traffic Battery Backup Systems provide a complete backup power solution for traffic signal equipment. It is comprised of a battery back-up system, power transfer switch, and maintenance-free batteries housed in an outdoor-rated enclosure.  The Traffic Battery Backup ensures that the traffic signal cabinet is powered continuously by providing backup power and a means of transferring the signals’ electrical load to the backup system if utility power is lost. 

It allows connection for the normal utility power using standard terminal blocks or generator power via a standard 30 A or 50 A generator receptacle.  The optional bypass switch redirects utility power to the load and allows the battery backup system to be removed for service on a temporary or permanent basis without disrupting the operation of the traffic signal.



  • Retrofit and new installations
  • 24V Parallel Hot Swap System
  • UL 508A Procedure
  • Metered combination or standalone
  • Vandal Resistant

Our Batteries & Battery Management products designed specifically for the traffic battery backup industry.  Customers can choose from two maintenance-free battery types: the Top Terminal VRLA Battery and the Top Terminal Advanced Gel Battery. The Gel Battery is designed for demanding outdoor environments and delivers a 20 hour rate of 104 AH.

These and other batteries can be used with the ICBM-S – Individual Charge Battery Manager, which extends run time by maximizing the charge for each battery, extends battery life by minimizing charge differences between batteries, prevents chronic under-charged conditions, and issues an alert in the event of a battery being removed or becoming non-operational.