Learn how to quickly stabilize & fix your roadways

Settling roadways cause cracking, rutting and dangerous uneven surfaces. Soil degradation can cause havoc on the roadway. This can happen over time because of improperly compacted soil, soil washout from pavement cracks, heavier loads on roads, etc. Can they be fixed quickly and economically? You bet.


Check out the images below to see how we fixed it.

EagleLIFT Roadway Lifting & Leveling

EagleLIFT has innovated a Deep Stratum Injection™ service for road leveling for a variety of pavement types, including both flexible pavement and rigid pavement.

They provide roadway foundation repair by densifying and compacting the base and subgrade support soils by injecting a high density, water resistant expansive structural polymer.

Benefits include:

  • Zero daytime lane closures
  • No removal of good pavement or foundation soils required
  • Start on overlay x right after injecting polymer
  • 2-Year Warranty & 10-Year on grout material

Unleveled Pavement

Inject Polymer

Stabilize & Level

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