Shoulder damage is where it starts.

The areas which open up on the shoulder  of the road will start hurting your travel lanes, besides being a hazard to motorcyclists.  Traditional methods of potholing and crack sealing are costly, slow, and workers are exposed to traffic.

Check out the images below to see how we fixed it.

Edge Seal® is the Solution

Edge Seal can be applied using conventional equipment, with no feet on the ground. Edge Seal is FAST too – 2 miles sealed/per hour!

Rejuvenate and Seal

Edge Seal is skid-resistant,  UV and oxidation resistant,plus it’s tough and flexible.  Edge Seal meets current Caltrans specifications and let’s face it -it makes your roadways look better.

2 Months After Application

Low cost, safer and longer lasting than the traditional methods of filling and sealing. Extend the life of your roads.