TrafFix® Weed Mat

Weed Mats Are Ideal For Controlling Weeds Along Roads and Highways

Main Street Materials specializes in the treatment of roadside vegetation control. Utilizing our unique Weed Mats and Guard Rail Gaskets, the treatment is installed in sections and can be placed or repaired with no specialized equipment.


Benefits of Using Weed Mats Include:

  • Low Cost to install – no skilled labor, minimum preparation, and no removal of soil required
  • Flexible and versatile – One mat for center median and right shoulder guardrail applications
  • Does not effect any guardrail safety features
  • Simple and low cost to repair or replace. Easy to access and repair the guardrail it is protecting
  • Resists combustion
  • Meets Caltrans Specifications
  • 20 Plus Year Lifespan

Works with Cable Barriers

Weed Mat easily installs under existing cable barriers without the need for special equipment, expensive site preparation, or soil removal. Weed Mat is long lasting and virtually maintenance free.

Works with Guardrails

Weed Mat also works well under existing guardrails keeping the roadside weed free, and reducing maintenance costs.

Rubber – Not Concrete or Asphalt

Unlike concrete or asphalt aprons, Weed Mat’s flexible design and construction does not inhibit the energy absorbing qualities of the guardrail post and allows guardrail post movement within the soil after an impact.

Erosion Control

Weed Mat’s heavy duty construction (40 pounds of durable, recycled rubber) not only controls the weeds, but also helps reduce soil erosion and containment of heavy metal contaminated roadside soil.
Each mat is 37 ½” L x 48” W, covering 1.389 sq yards/1.161 sq meters per mat. Two Weed Mats are required to cover ground and around posts for 75″ guardrail installations.320 Weed Mats are required per 1,000 feet of 75″ guardrail installations.
Due to the weight of the mats, staking is not necessary, and since the product is flexible and is not adhered or staked to the ground surface, repairs after a collision are more easily accomplished than with other surface treatments.

Environmentally Friendly

Weed Mats are made from 100% recycled tires. One 48″ × 45½” x ½” Weed Mat removes 10 -12 tires from the land fill. 

Plus, the TrafFix Weed Mat reduces or completely eliminates the need to spray strong herbicides for weed control.

Weed Mats are priced and sold in pallet quantity only, except where noted.  Pallet Sizes are 48” x 48” x 40” tall with 60 Weed Mats per pallet (2,400lbs. per pallet), 20 pallets per truck load (48,000 lbs.). Please call for prices on orders that are not in increments of 60 because breakdown charges will apply. Prices do not include applicable State or Federal Taxes.


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