Power You Can Depend On

Traffic management systems demand a robust battery that will perform well, even in harsh environments.  Our premium Gel batteries offer superior cycle life, maintenance-free reliability and years of industry-proven performance.

If your business is traffic operations, here are reasons why it makes sense to consider a Traffic Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system:

  • Provide continual power to your operating system in the event of a power outage, sag or brown out until regular utility power is restored – even in extreme weather conditions
  • Condition and regulate the quality of the commercial power supply to your traffic system which improves reliability
  • Keep your traffic intersections flowing and prevent or minimize severe accidents
  • Reduce your operating expenses by eliminating false service call-outs and expensive truck rolls

How Prepared Are Your For The Next Power Disturbance?

Without a continual power supply, busy traffic intersections go dark and chaos ensues. A properly designed outdoor battery backup system keeps your traffic intersections alive. Traffic flows, accidents/injury are minimized and lives potentially saved.

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides reliable, clean power to your traffic intersection for 8 hours or more after utility power fails.
With low upfront procurement, installation and maintenance costs, backup power is within reach of your traffic operations budget.

We supply more solutions to meet the unique needs of the Traffic Industry than anyone else.

Main St. Battery Recycling Program

We offer a battery recycling program, so your batteries can be saved and reused.  Just get in touch with us, and a local Main St. representative will schedule a time to come and pick up your used batteries.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • Quality construction ensures consistent and reliable performance for long-term dependability.
  • Specialized valve design manufactured and tested in-house to 100% reliability.
  • Sealed Absorbed Technology: Valve-regulated battery with efficient recombination.
  • Forged terminals and bushings assure no leakage.
  • Case and cover heat sealed ant 100% tested to prevent leaks.
  • Over 250 quality control checks through ISO 9001.
  • Reinforced standard polypropylene case and cover resists bulging and meets safety requirement.
  • Pure lead, low calcium, high tin positive grids deliver quick high rate power.
  • Individual plate formation (IPF®) ensures voltage matching between cells and strings and consistent quality from battery to battery.
  • Designed to function properly when mounted in side position.
  • UL recognized component.
  • Made in USA with U.S. and Imported Materials.