Concrete CamoSeal

Concrete CamoSeal is a Revolutionary Composite Crack Sealant that is Setting a New Standard for Performance and Visibility

Crack sealing is an important component of pavement preservation and it can save significant amounts of money in the long run. Unfortunately, the end result can also look like a spider web of black lines, which are especially noticeable on concrete/PCC.

With Concrete CamoSeal, you can seal your cracks and joints while camouflaging them with sealant that color matches your concrete.



With this extraordinary product, Concrete CamoSeal, we can provide superior crack sealing effectiveness and durability (which equals long-term cost savings) with a solution that blends into the surrounding concrete.

For certain projects, we can even color match the CamoSeal to better match your concrete (PCC)!

Concrete CamoSeal’s stellar sidewall adhesion, bond, and tensile strength make it a perfect solution for sealing active longitudnal joints. Concrete CamoSeal flexes and compresses with the road . It waterproofs the joints and produces a safer riding surface.

Main Street Materials worked with CalTrans to address actively widening longitudinal joints on a newer freeway expansion project. In this case, the CalTrans and GC engineers, working with Main Street Materials, prescribed full-depth (~12”) waterproofing with Concrete CamoSeal Composite. 2000 lineal feet of joints were between 1” up to 4” wide.


  1. Full depth clean out of joints including removal of old backer rod and failed sealants (silicone and polyurethane)
  2. Clean and dry sidewalls
  3. Layer in Concrete CamoSeal until 1/4″ of surface

What is a Composite Crack Sealant?

Concrete CamoSeal is a revolutionary Composite Crack Sealant that is setting a new standard for performance, longevity and PCC aesthetics. CamoSeal’s solution delivers extraordinary and long-lasting results. 

In addition, 50% of Concrete CamoSeal is made with sustainable components.

CamoSeal is hot-applied with high production equipment for an application process that is smooth and easy!

Improves roadway aesthetics and reduces road drift

Sets up in 5-10 minutes

Strong and flexible adhesion to concrete sidewalls

Allows traffic to resume sooner

Concrete CamoSeal, like Asphalt CamoSeal, has gone through rigorous testing procedures to demonstrate it’s range and reliability, fill out the form below to request a full product spec sheet.

Concrete CamoSeal has broken the mold on conventional crack sealing!
It is flexible, strong, and waterproof.

Boot Test

Flexible Rock Test #1

Flexible Rock Test #2

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