Electrical Wire & Fuses

Electrical Cables For Wiring Traffic & Pedestrian Crossing Signals

The design of a traffic signal or highway safety lighting system should provide adequate capacity, both in wire size and conduit size, for the proper operation of the complete system. In addition, it is important to include adequate capacity in the electrical system to allow maintenance to make repairs safely and promptly. One example of this is the spare conductors that are provided in major conduit runs for a traffic signal.

We can supply you with wire for your various electrical projects.

Single Conductor

Single copper conductor, stranded, insulated with moisture and flame retardant, sunlight resistant PVC. Available in colors solid or stranded, with various roll lengths. Hard, medium, soft draw.

Bare Copper

Bare wire solid or stranded. Hard, medium or soft drawn.

All of our Fuses are Caltrans approved, and we supply many varieties.

We provide a broad range of fuses, which offer superior protection for underground and overhead transformers, capacitor banks, switchgear, and wind farms.


Reduce Catastrophic Risk: Our fuses greatly reduce energy flow to minimize the risk of catastrophic failure with interupt capabilities of up to 50,000 amps.

No Arc Flash:  There are no external arcs or flashes or byproducts with our fuses.