Slide 1: Ice Slicer
Harder than Salt, Softer than Sand…All-Natural Ice Slicer
Slide 2: Weed Mats
Control Vegetation Around Guardrail with Weed Mats
Slide 3: CamoSeal
CamoSeal: Hot-Applied Crack Sealant that Blends into the Road
Slide 3: Crafco Solutions
Crafco Solutions for your Cracks and Joints
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We are pleased to announce that Guardtop has chosen Main Street Materials. Inc. to be their new manufacturer’s representative in the Central Valley through Northern California. The Main Street contact for Guardtop will be Angelo Infante. He will head up our GuardTop program, including job site management.
GuardTop produces a superior-quality asphalt sealcoat material. The GuardTop material is distinguishable by its deep and long-lasting color, firm consistency and excellent durability. The company’s goal is to provide materials and services which improve the aesthetics and longevity of pavements without compromising safety or the environment. As a result, the GuardTop formulation incorporates recycled materials and is free of all hazardous volatiles and carcinogenic additives.
Additionally, Main Street Materials, Inc. will represent the full line of GuardTop products in Northern and Central California.
You may reach Angelo directly at (650)445-2603 /, or call our corporate office at (888-787-3387) for questions, quotes, and further information.

Welcome to Main Street Materials!

Small Business.  BIG Solutions.

Working with a small business shouldn’t mean you have to accept the inconvenience of inferior products or customer service. You deserve solutions and results, not excuses.

We’ve spent 25 years getting to know your challenges, your roads, and your unique needs. We represent a broad line of outstanding products to maintain anything and everything in the public right-of-way.

Browse our product section to learn more about the high quality lines we represent; call us to discover the service and value we bring to the table!

Erosion Control

Prevent Slope Erosion

With our mulch placement services, custom made California wattles, and shoulder backing materials.

Roadside Maintenance

Controlling Weeds Along Roads and Highways

Utilize our unique Weed Mats for roadside vegetation control.

Pavement Preservation

Surface Treatments

Such as fog seals, chip seals, and slurry seals will significantly increase the life of your pavement.

Lighting & Electrical

Lighting and Traffic Support Solutions

Your trusted resource for high quality Caltrans approved steel and aluminum traffic and signal lighting poles.

Safety Solutions

Big Sandy Crash Barrels

We supply a complete line of TrafFix Big Sandy Barrels™ crash cushions/attenuators and replacement parts.

Our Trusted Partners Include:

Guardtop Sealcoat Products

A high-quality tire rubber, asphalt emulsion sealer that utilizes 20-27 recycled tires per lane mile. It provides excellent UV protection and weather resistance. Learn more about TRMSS…

Roklin Concrete Welder®

Concrete Welder® A low pressure polymer designed for rebonding cracked concrete approved for use by CalTrans. Concrete Welder restores concrete…

Crafco® Solutions

Crafco’s Deery brand of proprietary formulations include a full range of crack sealants and fillers. Our brand name products include…