Electrical Commercial Enclosures

Control Panels/Custom Enclosures
Built To Protect

Main Street Materials provides control panels and commercial enclosures used for power and metering for such uses as parking lot, highway, and street lighting, traffic signals, and irrigation pump stations. Our extensive product line offers models for virtually every installation environment and metering arrangement, including above and below ground cable entrance as well as unmetered, metered, and dual metered applications.  

Each model is available in multiple finishes, including a wide range of paint options, anti-graffiti, stainless steel, and more.  We support our products with testing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, making us the only company you will need for the life of your pedestals.

Designed For Harsh Outdoor Environments

It is well understood that one of the most critical components of a signalized intersection is the traffic control cabinet. The traffic cabinet houses the signal controller and other vital intersection electronic equipment that manages traffic flow and ensures safety for all roadway users. We offer different sizes and configurations of electrical enclosures, including Caltrans approved traffic signal cabinets.


  • Storm water pump stations
  • Wastewater lift stations
  • Water pumping stations
  • Treatment plant process area controls
  • Telemetry/network enclosures


  • Custom dimensions and control wiring
  • Integration of any preferred PLC, OIT and/or HMI
  • Both standard and custom powder coated finishes
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction
  • Increased longevity and maintenance-friendly designs
  • Integrated battery backup/UPS systems or generator hookup options
  • Sunshields, weather-wraps, cooling systems options
  • UL 508A label as applicable