TrafFix® Signs & Stands

Roadside Signs and Stands

Get durable, high quality signs and sign stands for road safety, parking lot safety and the workplace.  We have some of the most affordable pricing on the market.  Our inventory includes Caltrans compliant regulatory signage and traffic control signs for construction, schools and parking lots.

Thanks to the modern advancements in highly visible, durable, and flexible materials- combined with superior craftsmanship, our roadside signs are built to stand up to the harshest environments and uses.   We also have a large assortment of traffic roll up signs, sign stands, accessories, and handheld signs and paddles.

Lightweight Aluminum Buster Sign Stand 70000 Series

With its all Aluminum construction, the Aluminum Buster resists corrosion and rusting.  The telescoping mast, with adjustable rigid or roll-up sign brackets, allow for variable sign height adjustments.

Dual spring mounted base for added stability from passing traffic and during high winds.  A two position leg adjustment allows all four legs to be individually adjusted for uneven terrain.

The optional Flag Holder will accept standard ¼” diameter wooden or plastic dowel flags.

TrafFix Econo Buster® Sign Stand- Economical Design

Weighing less than 30 lbs, the TrafFix Devices Econo Buster is a lightweight yet durable stand for 36″ × 36″ and 48″ × 48″ roll-up or rigid signs.  The telescoping inner mast allows all types and sizes of signs to be mounted at various heights. The powder coated paint on the steel legs and telescoping mast resists rusting.

The step-n-drop leg design enables you to set up quickly without having to bend down or stoop over (no pins to kick, push or pull).  The three position locking leg design allows you to adjust for uneven terrain.

Roll Up Traffic Signs

Roll-Up traffic signs are your solution for highly portable, highly visible, and extremely durable roadside work and construction area signage.  When highly active road crews are moving from site to site, roll-up signs offer the streamlined solution for storage and deployment.

With more space savings than traditional construction markers and signage, crews are afforded the ability to carry more signage into a given work location.  This increases both visibility and safety- while offering the static traffic control needed to perform the tasks at hand.

Parts & Accessories for Sign and Stands

To appropriately display signs with critical messages, you need the right equipment.  We’ve got road construction sign stands in styles like tri-pod, in-ground, and barrier mount. 

The Rigid Sign Adapter converts a TrafFix stand for roll-up signs into a stand that will accommodate a 36″ × 36″ rigid sign.  Simply drop the custom latch bracket connector into the sign stand to lock in place. 

With a Three Flag Bracket, you can combine the economy of wood or plastic dowel flags with any sign stand. You can even mount it directly to the fiberglass cross brace of any roll-up sign or to the back of any rigid sign.

Truck Mounting Bracket sign stand mounts securely to truck bed or any other flat surface.  The telescoping arm locks the stand in place while truck is in motion.

The Sign Storage Bag is a sturdy roll-up sign storage bag with convenient carrying handle, helps to keep the sign clean and free from dirt, grease, and oil.

TrafFix Stand Carrying Bag is an easy to carry storage bag helps keep the TrafFix Stand free from oil, grease and dirt, whether on the truck or in storage.