Topical Fixes Break Down Quickly and Push Out

We are seeing this problem everywhere.

Asphalt overlays being put down over distressed concrete, without addressing the sub-base problem. These fixes don’t have much hope lasting in heavy traffic areas. It is our experience that a low viscosity solution is needed to provide structure from the ground up.

Check out the images below to see how we fixed it.


Roklin Asphalt Welder

Because of the low viscosity of Roklin Asphalt Welder, the polymer seeps into the sub-base and adheres to the concrete and aggregate better than any solution we have found.

Here’s how we did it

– Clean and remove loose materials
– Fill with pea gravel (3/8”)
– Flood with Roklin Asphalt Welder
– Top with black sand and squeegee
– Finish with more black sand

Entire process is fast and quick-drying to reduce any closure times.

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