Roklin Asphalt & Concrete Welder®

Roklin Asphalt & Concrete Welder®

Concrete Welder is a low viscosity, fast-reacting urethane polymer, which is applied with Roklin’s Vari-Flow dispensing equipment, specially designed for this product. Concrete Welder restores concrete strength for roads, bridges, slabs, parking structures, roofs and floors. It seals concrete to stop freeze thaw spalling and chemical attack. Roklin Concrete Welder repairs are fast. Traffic can resume within 10 minutes.

After many years of successful applications, Roklin’s Asphalt and Concrete Welder has proven a highly trusted and dependable product. Which is why it is approved for use by Caltrans for larger highway and other projects where extensive repairs are needed. It can be used with a variety of aggregate materials, depending on the requirements of the specific application. Multiple repairs can be completed in rapid succession with minimal traffic closure time.

Benefits Of Using
Roklin Concrete Welder

  • Highly Dependable & Trusted Product
  • Penetrates and Rebonds
  • Seals and Protects
  • Fast Repairs and Cure
  • Repairs Year Round
  • Safe to Use, Low Odor
  • Chemically Resistant

FloMix Crack Repair components can be mixed in the bucket it comes in with a hand drill, or in our low cost Motor Mix Machine. The material has a 6-8 minute working time at 75ºF.

Asphalt Repairs can be completed using FloMix Asphalt Repair in minutes with a few simple steps. There is no need for saw cutting or use of a primer. The resulting repair can be put back into service in as little as 30 minutes.



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