Roadway Lifting & Stabilization

We Are Proud To Partner With EagleLIFT To Offer Roadway Lifting and Stabilization Services


Poor base and subgrade soils can wreak havoc on a roadway, causing a variety of issues such as cracking, rutting and severe pavement settlement.  The root of the soil degradation could be caused by:

  • Improperly compacted soils under the roadway
  • Water infiltration through pavement cracks causing soil washout
  • Roadway widening that did not address soil conditions for new design
  • Heavier loads than the original design allowed for
  • Failing sewer systems underneath the pavement causing soil loss

Main Street Materials has teamed up with EagleLIFT to help solve the problem of Roadway Settling and Severe Cracking.

EagleLIFT has executed a wide-array of roadway repairs for CalTrans and more. Utilizing our high-density polyurethane injection technique, we have the ability to revitalize existing roadways by binding the existing base aggregate, to create a stronger soil matrix thereby increasing its weight-bearing capacity and mitigating future settlement.

EagleLIFT has innovated the Deep Stratum Injection™ service for road leveling for a variety of pavement types, including both flexible pavement and rigid pavement.  We do this by densifying and compacting the base and subgrade support soils by injecting a high density, water-resistant expansive structural polymer. The process works by injecting the high-density, structural polymer grout into the base soils through 1/2” steel tubes. 

Once injected, the two-part polymer permeates the aggregate and ballasts. Traveling the path of least resistance, it then begins to expand and bind the aggregate together into a weight-bearing monolith. As a Class A Engineering Contractor, EagleLIFT stands apart from our competitors with our freeway rehabilitation services by utilizing efficient, cost-effective, environmentally neutral technologies that produce enduring results.

Unleveled Pavement

Inject Polymer

Stabilize & Level


  • Zero daytime lane closures
  • Removal of good pavement and poor foundation soils is not required
  • Overlay to correct rutting can be performed immediately following the polymer injection into the soils.
  • Extends the life of a new overlay.
  • Our hydro-insensitive polymers will push out the water in wet soil conditions while still compacting and densifying the soil
  • 10 Year Warranty on the grout material

Expected Results

  • Compact the loose foundation soils without uneven lifting of the flexible pavement to provide sufficient support of the pavement surface.
  • Continued injection into the soils can lift the pavement system if needed.
  • Lifting of the rutting is NOT possible.
  • Surface cracks will still need to be sealed by traditional methods to mitigate water infiltration into the system.

Contact your Main Street Representative today to learn more about EagleLIFT and how it can help level and stabilize your roadways.