Introducing our edge system, which is a slurry form of PASS MAXX where we could get 8 miles done in one day with no feet on the ground and a moving closure. Partnering with pavement preservation industry leaders, Western Emulsions and Pavement Recycling Systems, we are utilizing proven industry pavement preservation treatments then modifying and improving them to specifically repair edge joints. 

It can be utilized for:

  • Early Preservation treatment – prior to edge joint opening up
  • Slightly damaged – Edge Joint fill, start of lateral cracks
  • Heavily damaged – Potholes and lateral cracks

Before Pass Maxx Edge System Application

Pass Maxx Edge System on Day of Application

Pass Max 2 Months After Application

Our goal was to develop a process/treatment that is –

  • Low In-Place Cost
  • Fast (2 miles per hour fixed)
  • Mechanical – No feet on ground
  • Minimal equipment
  • Moving Lane Closures
  • Flexible
  • Load Bearing
  • Tough
  • Safe for skid resistance
  • Fix, fill and seal all damage along the edge: Edge Joint, Lateral Cracks, Potholes
  • Meet Current Specifications
  • Using Readily available equipment (no new or minimal capital investment)
  • Starting with already available methods and materials:
  • Products that the customers already understand
  • Modifying and improving to perform in this tough location
  • Self-Contained and one pass of the equipment to fix the damage

In our test (Seen in the photos), we were able to complete 0.60 miles in 20 minutes and should be able to get miles upon miles done in a day.