PASS® MAXX Rejuvenating Emulsion

Extend Pavement Life 3-5 Years With Low-Cost Rejuvenation

The PASS MAXX rejuvenating seal is a proven and reliable pavement preservation tool to win the fight against de-investment of your roadway network, part of a strategy that extends the quality service life of newer asphalt pavements at minimal cost.

Over 20 Years Of Experience

Over 20 years of development and application, the high-performance PASS formulas have achieved proven results in a wider range of pavement preservation uses, redefining the capabilities of engineered emulsions to prevent potholes.  Used by the largest agencies and DOTs, PASS QB emulsion is spray-applied to seal minor distress cracks, add new asphalt to the wearing course, and rejuvenate oxidized asphalt to prevent loss of surface rock and other forms of deterioration.

PASS MAXX gives agencies an extra strength rejuvenating emulsion product with unprecedented preservation power and reliability.

The Formulation Differs From Standard Emulsions In Two Significant Ways:

First, the PG-graded asphalt binder is enhanced with unrefined, natural asphalt known as Gilsonite.

Secondly (and as a result of the properties of the enhanced asphalt) the product contains as much as 2 to 10 times the amount of rejuvenating agent compared with currently available PMRE’s, while remarkably remaining even more stable, resilient and workable in the field with outstanding chip retention.


PASS MAXX Benefits:

  • Improved, longer lasting protection from oxidation and surface distress
  • Long-term solutions to correct a wider range of surface distress
  • Improved high and low temperature performance
  • Highly reliable performance both during application process and thereafter

How PASS MAXX Achieves A Higher Content Of Rejuvenator:

PASS MAXX features a base asphalt that is enhanced with Gilsonite, a natural unrefined asphalt ore that improves the high and low temperature properties of the asphalt to make it more stable even when its composition is softer. Improving the characteristics of the asphalt base makes the application more user-friendly and dependable in a variety of atmospheric conditions.

The product features a high quality polymer that does not swell within a rejuvenating emulsion. This higher quality polymer helps make the product extremely tough, flexible and long lasting.

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