Solar Salt

Advanced De-Icing Technology

Ice Slicer is an all-natural high performance de-icer that is harder than regular road salt, yet still softer than sand.  The result is a drastic improvement in melting power and traction without risking broken windshields or requiring constant reapplication.

In the first 30 minutes after application, Ice Slicer RS effectively melts more snow and ice than white salt.  Ice Slicer RS is easier on equipment and infrastructure since it is at least 20% less corrosive than white salt.  As a natural blend, RS will not stain concrete or asphalt.  Ice Slicer’s telltale “reddish” color immediately sets it apart from other “white” road salts, but the difference between Ice Slicer and other products goes far beyond appearance.

Faster & Longer

Salt must turn to brine before it melts ice & snow. Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer brines up to 5 times faster than white salt. After 90 minutes, Ice Slicer still produces nearly double the brine.

10 Minute Melting Power

When it comes to saving lives in a storm, every minute of melting ice matters. Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer melts up to 3.5 times more ice in the first 10 minutes than white salt. In fact, Ice Slicer significantly outperforms white salt at all temperatures.

Features and Benefits

Compared to regular road salt, Ice Slicer:
  • Outperforms white salt and improves melting times, ensuring quicker service to secondary roads
  • Red color, free of dyes, which reduces corrosion by 70%
  • Tons of traction, far less aggregates, which lowers application rates
  • Half the chlorides, twice the power
  • Provides a substantial cost savings in operating & cleanup
  • Offers an environmentally friendly alternative

IceSlicer RS

  • Stream-run fine to extra course 3/8″
  • Covered storage is recommended
  • Used in general highway and street de-icing
  • Best applied in a V-box spreader
  • Anti-caking and anti-freezing agents added


IceSlicer Super Blend

  • Intermediate fine to coarse
  • Engineered for optimal traction and de-icing capability
  • Can be applied with any type of spreader
  • Dry material which must be stored under cover to tarped

Lab VS Field

It doesn’t matter how well a deicer performs when it’s sitting in flasks & beakers, it’s out on the road (in extreme conditions) that you can tell if a deicer’s worth it’s salt.

Evaluating Deicers

Examining deicers gets complicated, here’s a quick video that show’s you how to compare lab data and data in-the-field.

We know you work hard to keep your sheds full, but sometimes it’s tough to predict and plan for every storm. That’s why as a trusted partner of Ice Slicer, Main St. Materials can make deliveries directly to you. Whenever the day, whatever the time, if your salt pile is running low, we are here to help.


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