Delta® Crash Cushion

Delta Intelligent Crash Cushion:

A MASH Tested, Passed and Eligible TL-3 Redirective Non-Gating Permanent Crash Cushion from TrafFix Devices

The Delta Crash Cushion consists of a series of steel thrie-beam fender panels supported by steel diaphragms. It attenuates energy evenly for all vehicle types with shear bolts tearing through cut-outs of various sizes and shapes.

Quick and easy installation reduces exposure to traffic.

Multi-directional object marker comes in Chevron, Left or Right angles, and can be quickly changed in the field.

Performs in all temperatures and climates and is a low cost MASH permanent narrow crash cushion.

Delta Crash Cushion is on CalTrans’ Authorized Materials List for Highway Safety Features, under permanent crash cushions.


delta crash cushion
Delta Crash Cushion

Pre-Impact Panel

Post-Impact Panel

Incredibly Easy Installation

The Delta Crash Cushion works as its own template. Set in place, drill and install 39 anchor bolts.

Comes almost completely pre-assembled. After anchor bolts are installed, attach the nose module with 4 bolts.

Free Training

TrafFix Devices offers a free online training course to become an expert in the installation, repair, and maintenance for the Delta Crash Cushion.

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