Hwy 91 Longitudinal Joint Sealing with Concrete CamoSeal

Main Street Materials worked with CalTrans to address actively widening longitudinal joints on a newer freeway expansion project. In this case, the CalTrans and GC engineers, working with Main Street Materials, prescribed full-depth (~12”) waterproofing with Concrete CamoSeal Composite. 2000 lineal feet of joints were between 1” up to 4” wide.

Concrete CamoSeal flexes and compresses with the road without losing sidewall adhesion. It waterproofs the joints and produces a safer riding surface.


1. Full depth clean out of joints including removal of old backer rod and failed sealants (silicone and polyurethane)

2. Prepare sidewalls to a clean and dry state

3. Layer in Concrete CamoSeal until 1/4” of surface.