Pavement CamoSeal

Seal it. Save it. Conceal it.

Pavement CamoSeal Gets Thumbs Up from Caltrans and is put on the Authorized Material List for Asphalt Concrete Pavement Crack Treatment.

Pavement CamoSeal got a major endorsement recently when it was added to the Caltrans Approved Authorized Materials List. Pavement CamoSeal went through rigorous testing to be approved for Type 1 – Type 4 crack treatments.
With Pavement CamoSeal, you can treat cracks in the hottest areas of California to nearly the coldest areas. Plus, the color blends into the asphalt, instead of the web of black crack fillers that distracts drivers on the roadways.

Superior Performance with Better Aesthetics

Pavement CamoSeal is a hot-applied joint and crack composite sealant that discreetly seals and preserves asphalt pavements. Its unique blend of premium ingredients creates a long-lasting waterproofing material. Pavement CamoSeal waterproofs by forming a highly adhesive and flexible barrier that seals roads from damaging moisture penetration. Pavement CamoSeal’s color is neutral to asphalt pavements, making it more aesthetically appealing and eliminating lane drift effects of standard asphalt based concrete sealers.


“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen”

–Northern California City Supervisor

Built for Strength and Flexibility


  • Composed of high quantity and quality SBS radial polymers to ensure an outstanding polymer network, Pavement CamoSeal bonds to asphalt without a primer.
  • 1300% extension with 100% recovery
  • Pavement CamoSeal retains its flexibility and has excellent recovery properties during repeated joint expansions and contraction over a wide temperature range.

Innovative Color and Appearance


Unlike the harsh appearance of traditional black crack sealants, CamoSeal blends seamlessly into the road. This reduces traffic “wandering” due to color contrast on pavements. It also reduces the public’s complaints about the negative eye appeal of traditional crack sealants. CamoSeal’s application is 2 inches wide, creating a thinner band on the pavement while using less material.

Environmentally Conscious


The flexibility of CamoSeal is achieved by the addition of rubber from recycled car tires which is utilized in place of non-renewable resources such as butadiene rubbers.

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