Crafco Deery™ Super Gray Sealant

DEERY SUPER GRAY is a moderate viscosity pavement preservation sealant intended for highway, street, aviation and parking area applications for recessed sealing of longitudinal and transverse joints and random cracks in Asphalt or Concrete pavements where a non-asphaltic, light colored material is desirable. Properly installed, DEERY SUPER GRAY is an effective barrier against damage from debris and moisture infiltration into cracks and joints within regions experiencing moderate high and low pavement temperatures.

Take a look! The HOV to Number 2 lanes are sealed with Crafco Deery Brand’s innovative new Super Gray Rubberized Hot-Pour Sealant – applied using CalTrans’ existing kettles and crews!

What don’t you see? Distracting black rubber marks or lines!

Why should you care about the color of your road marking product? One word — Safety. Extra black on the road can look like pavement striping, causing confusion and compromising safety. With Super Gray’s unique light color, there are no black marks left on the road, keeping drivers in the right lane and actually improving safety.

All Crafco products are made to last, but Super Gray’s pure formulation of tough resins and polymer, make it even more durable and higher performing than other sealants. Yet it is very easy to prepare and use. There is no special equipment or training required — Super Gray is placed using regular Crafco Hot-Pour kettles, heated to the same temperatures, and placed in the same way.

These features, combined with the unique light color, make it an excellent value and a superior, cost-effective product to seal concrete cracks and joints for highway, street, aviation, and parking areas.

Benefits Of Crafco Deery Brand Super Gray Sealant Include:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Superior performance and durability
  • Crafco’s trusted legacy of quality and standards
  • Ease of preparation and use, compatibility with existing Crafco products and equipment
  • No new training or equipment

Super Gray is available only through CA Certified Small Business Distributors like Main Street Materials. For more information on Super Gray and how it can help Caltrans better seal and fill joints and cracks, contact us today!