Deery™ Sealants from Crafco™


Crafco’s Deery brand of proprietary formulations include a full range of crack sealants and fillers. Our brand name products include Super Stretch®, Level & Go®, and Recessed Repair Mastic®. Our FlexAble Bridge Joint System® is suitable for joint replacement and new installation of expansion bridge joints, and has been noted for its ease, efficiency and outstanding results.

Level & Go Repair Mastic®

When the pavement damage has progressed beyond the limits of crack sealing and crack filling, DEERY Level & Go is the solution to extend the usable life of pavement. Deery Level & Go is designed to repair pavement distresses that are in a confined or recessed area or that are unconfined and require a feathered edge. Examples of appropriate uses include wide pavement cracks, pavement joint separations, spalled concrete joints, and utility cuts.