Longitudinal Cracking For 1.5″ Width or Less

Fixing Early Can Lead To Big Savings Later

Prevent water from seeping in now.

Cracking parallel to the center line can be caused my many factors; poor joint construction, reflective cracking, pavement fatigue, etc. Unless fixed early, these cracks will form potholes in a few years, costing 10X more to fix than cracks.

Check out the images below to see how we fixed it.


Crafco® is the Solution

Not all sealants work the same. Selecting the right one for your situation depends on your location, elevation and traffic conditions. With over 100+ variations, Crafco has the sealant formula for your specific need.

Remember to clean it first!

Before applying the sealant, remember to clean it out with compressed air and a heat lance – this will ensure a strong bond and a long-lasting repair. Lastly there are various types of nozzles available, choose the one that is right for the job – you’ll be glad you did.

After Crafco® Application

Below is a cost savings chart that shows the 4-year average for extending the life of your roads. Fixing cracks early can lead to big savings later.

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