Stonewood Mulch Placement Services

Use Stonewood® Mulch To Prevent Slope Erosion

Main Street Materials provides the highest quality Stonewood mulch, which we place onto roadside slopes for erosion control.

Placement involves spreading a blanket of organic material on fill slopes, cut slopes, and other disturbed roadside areas to reduce erosion and cut-down on weed growth.


The Benefits of Stonewood Mulch include:

  • Transforming and beautifying the on-ramps and gateways to your city
  • Weed abatement, improved potential for long term vegetation coverage
  • Better water retention in the soil from Stonewood®, which helps reduce water evaporation and conserves soil moisture
  • Reduces storm water runoff volume and velocity
  • Improves protection from raindrop splash erosion
  • Easy application by pneumatic blower trucks or bulldozers

When To Use This Treatment

  • Typically applied on slopes 2:1 (H:V) and flatter
  • Typically applied 2″-4” deep (270-400 cubic yards/acre

Why Choose Main Street For Your Mulch?

  • Superior Quality
  • Shredded for great slope adhesion
  • Fines are removed for longer lasting mulch
  • Meets Caltrans Specs 20-2.08
  • Custom sizes available
  • Readily placed with Pneumatic Mulch Blowers
  • Ultra Large to Small quantities available for Bulk Delivery, Pneumatic Placement or P/U