Cost effective composite sealant ideal for use beneath surface treatments.

Enflex is our cost-effective crack sealant that maintains the essential qualities of our composite sealants: it sets in 5 minutes or less, can be covered with a surface treatment after it sets with no bleed through/overlay swelling, significantly delays reflective cracking, high tensile strength, flexibility in cold temperatures, and strong bond.

It’s important to waterproof and repair the road beneath surface treatments to prolong the life of your investment. Reflective cracking and further deterioration of the pavement beneath surface treatments can be mitigated by crack sealing prior to application. 

Enflex Meets CalTrans’ AML Type 1-4 Criteria

Enflex has been accepted to CalTrans’ Authorized Material List for asphalt, concrete, and pavement flexible crack treatments.

Enflex is qualified for Types 1-4: slow moving traffic (Type 1), deserts (Type 2), South Coast, Central Coast, Inland Valleys (Type 3), North Coast, Low Mountain, and South Mountain (Type 4).

We pride ourselves on our custom rheology-based performance specifications for all of our composite sealants that address several downfalls of standard specs, including lack of precision, inadequate control, and performance variability.

Our specs provide precise control over parameters like viscosity, elasticity, and flow characteristics. This allows us to specify how our material should behave in response to various stresses and temperatures.