Camo Mastic

Camo Mastic is a pumpable composite mastic through standard kettles for microtrench caps, wide cracks, edge joints, and gutter lines.

Camo Mastic adheres, flexes, and remains in a microtrench or wide cracks/joints to protect pavements from debris, chemicals, and water, preventing damage to the roadway’s structural integrity.

Extreme durability:

Superior stability without aggregate, with increased resistance to deformation.

Engineered for high & low temps:

Retains low temp tensile properties, flexibility, and exceptional bond while remaining anti-slumping in extreme heat. Stretches 25-30 cm in 4ºC ductility bath.

Easy application:

Use standard kettle for application that is mobile, precise, and simple. No curing required for subsequent surface treatments.


Made of 49% renewable materials. 

Long Lasting:

Ages at half the rate of asphalt-based materials, extending multi-year service life.

Expert Technical Support

Main Street Materials will support you through every aspect of your project, including: training, application, customer acquisition, and quality testing.

  • Our PHD pavement design engineers and polymer scientists are available to you throughout the product implementation and specification acceptance process.
  • Experienced field engineers present for project installation.
  • In-field end of wand sampling for quality assurance.
  • Custom rheology-based specifications available for low and intermediate climatic condition requirements based on project location.
  • Over 75 years of combined experience in road construction materials, new product development, and commercialization.

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